our story

Founded in 2017 by Wendy Battaglia and Rachel Cochran, Trellis was born out of the need to create an organization that would educate organizations, communities, and individuals on the value of horticultural therapy. Trellis is also a resource for other organizations interested in creating horticultural therapy programs and a resource to the profession, which is sanctioned by the American Horticultural Therapy Association.
Both Wendy and Rachel were on individual journeys that led them to horticultural therapy school in Colorado. It was while studying horticultural therapy that they connected over the life-changing practice of horticultural therapy.
Back in Atlanta, they discovered only a handful of recognized horticultural therapy programs that were run by registered horticultural therapists. They also found that many human service organizations were interested in bringing the practice into their own organizations but didn't know how or where to begin. It was then that it became clear to both Rachel and Wendy that there needed to be a support network that would function to help organizations start new horticultural therapy programs and to connect people and organizations that share the common vision of horticultural therapy and its power to improve lives.

our mission

...to serve as a resource to grow and sustain horticultural therapy and accessible gardening programs in the Metro Atlanta area for the benefit of people with physical, mental, cognitive and emotional challenges, and to raise awareness of the value of horticultural therapy to improve lives.

our vision

...a world where horticultural therapy and accessible gardening are commonly used practices to engage, inspire and help people connect with plants and the natural world.

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