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We work with individuals to help them learn new skills or regain those that are lost. We work with multiple organizations that serve the following populations: Elders At Risk Youth Brain Injury Spinal Cord Injury PTSD Developmental Disabilities Mental Disorders Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Elders
  • At Risk Youth
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • PTSD
  • Developmental Disabilities
  • Mental Disorders
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
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Consulting Services

With our full-service consulting services, our goal is to create an outdoor space that is engaging, accessible, safe, and supports horticultural training (HT) and therapeutic gardening programs for the specific clients that your organization serves. We provide:
  • Education on the benefits of HT
  • A program approach that best meets the needs of the individuals you serve
  • An assessment of existing indoor and outdoor spaces suitable for growing plants
  • Potential funding resources to realize the vision
  • Connections to others implementing successful HT programs
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Workshops & Speakers

An important part of our mission is raising awareness of horticultural therapy. Trellis staff are available for speaking engagements that focus on the many aspects of horticultural therapy and therapeutic gardening, its health benefits, and the wide variety of populations that can participate. We also offer:
  • Hands-on, activity-based classes for different populations
  • In-depth training workshops on horticultural therapy techniques, horticultural therapy programming and delivery, staff and volunteer training, and accessible gardening
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We can help you develop and implement a horticultural therapy program to meet the needs and goals of your population, whether you have an outdoor garden space or an indoor area for table-top activities. Program development services include:
  • Designing a curriculum of horticulture-based garden activities tailored to client abilities
  • Identifying the needs and treatment goals of the population being served
  • Supporting program implementation, by directly delivering programs or training your staff or volunteers
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Accessible Garden Design

For an HT program to be successful, the garden space must be fully accessible and functional for people of all abilities. Compliance with ADA design standards is a key feature. To foster ownership and pride, we use the garden creation process as the basis for program activities. Trellis can help your organization:
  • Develop a conceptual garden design for an existing harden or new space
  • Identify necessary elements that are population specific, such as raised garden beds, wheelchair accessible work tables, shade and seating
  • Coordinate volunteers or professionals to build the basic garden structures

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