Garden path
Garden with architectural features
Garden with birdbath and sculpture
The Therapeutic Garden at The Cottages on Mountain Creek

A multi-purpose outdoor space that will serve its clients requiring physical therapy

As part of its Garden Therapy services, Trellis was hired by The Cottages at Mountain Creek, a residential mental health treatment center, to design a therapeutic garden to serve its clients requiring physical therapy. The center’s campus consists of eight beautifully renovated 1950s ranch-style homes on a quiet residential cul-de-sac, with each home having its own unique landscape setting.

The proposed therapy garden was located at the center’s main office and visually was a disorganized arrangement of raised garden beds, a central lawn, and shaded woodland area overgrown with English ivy. Trellis worked closely with the center’s director, who is also an avid gardener and fully believes in the power of gardening to heal, to develop a vision for the space. The main design element is a series of meandering pathways around the perimeter of the garden intermixed with seating to support physical therapy sessions. These pathways anchor the design and better connect the main administration building to the residential living areas next door. The garden includes raised beds, an array of flowering trees and shrubs, and a woodland garden filled with azaleas and hydrangeas. The end result is a beautiful and inviting, multi-purpose outdoor space that is used for general enjoyment by the Cottages community and provides a unique space for meetings, events, tours, and therapeutic gardening sessions.