Trellis Horticultural Therapy Alliance started seven years ago with a goal to improve the lives of people in Atlanta who have experienced trauma and hardship by connecting them to the healing benefits of nature through gardening.  For those we serve, trauma takes many forms – from catastrophic injury,  chronic illness, military service, and incarceration.

In 2022, Trellis completed a three-year strategic plan that provides a roadmap for guiding organizational growth and financial sustainability.  Our future organizational success depends on 1) securing a permanent operating location, 2) access to more land to expand our high-quality garden therapy programs, and 3) a commitment to long-term growth by investing in new talent and collaborative partnerships to improve more lives.

Legacy Park: A Place to Call Home

Legacy Park and Trellis have forged a new partnership to bring accessible gardening programs and services to the Decatur community.  Like Trellis, Legacy Park exists to offer inclusive recreational programming centered around the outdoors, nature and community.

Trellis’s new project, the Ability Garden at Legacy Park, will provide more land for its current and future garden therapy programs. It will include a new public community garden that will equally serve all members of the Decatur community and will be the only wheelchair-accessible community garden in metro Atlanta.

Trellis plans to lease combined program and office space adjacent to the new garden to improve its operational efficiency to better serve its vulnerable and medically fragile clients. Relocation benefits include greater exposure for Trellis as an organization and a safer, more accessible program space for its clients. Trellis will be rooted in a supportive community that believes in equitable opportunities for individuals with disabilities.

Our 2024-2025 fundraising goal is $530,000: $60,000 to design, build and maintain the Ability Garden over the next two years,  $40,000 for land & building leases for 2 years; $300,000 dedicated to program expansion, including program personnel and supplies through 2025; and $130,000 in operating expenses through 2025.

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About Legacy Park

Legacy Park is a 77-acre parcel of land acquired by the City of Decatur in 2017 that accommodates a variety of recreational programs for the community, provides operating space for local nonprofits, and future affordable housing opportunities. Legacy Park has a rich history of serving the underserved as the former operating location of the United Methodist Children’s Home, established after the Civil War to care for orphaned children. The current and future development of the site is guided by a community-driven master plan. Visit the Legacy Park Decatur website to learn more about this unique and valuable asset to Decatur’s community. Learn more about Legacy Park.

The Ability Garden at Legacy Park

Your contribution will help make all of this possible.

Equal Access & Opportunity

By making gardens wheelchair-accessible, everyone is given the opportunity to engage in recreation with purpose for better health and quality of life. The Ability Garden at Legacy Park will provide a safe, navigable space for wheelchair users. Trellis’s commitment is stronger than ever to bring inclusive programming to Legacy Park.

A Sense of Belonging

Legacy Park offers a friendly and peaceful outdoor environment overflowing with good energy! Gardening in community provides social support and community connection that reduces the risk of chronic isolation and improves mental health. At Legacy Park, the connection to nature & community is strong. A place where both Trellis and those we serve can shine!

Enriching Programs & Partnerships

More gardening space will allow Trellis to expand its garden program and connect more people to nature. Support from Legacy Park’s nonprofit community will help to enrich and elevate Trellis’s programs. Trellis recently formed a new partnership with Paint Love, a Legacy Park arts organization serving youth experiencing trauma and poverty, to provide nature-based art programming for Trellis. Learn more about Paint Love.

Access to Community

Legacy Park is building community through its community recreation programs and events. These avenues of community connection are critical for building independence and confidence for those we serve.

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  4. Reach out to Rachel Cochran, Director of Development at, (404) 834-4660.